Friday, May 08, 2009


now that schools done, I gotta start job searching, fun/scary lol. I started playing a came called DOTA, I suggest if you have work to do you DONT get into it, because its really fun and will chew up you time!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Years done!

Years finally done! and schools finally done! i have to say that i was really impressed by this year, there was so much good stuff that was floating around the studio, very inspirational. its really surprising and amazing how much content can be pushed out of us when we get down and work, alooot of us had so little then at the last 2-3 weeks we pulled off a finished film, you guys destroyed those films~~ alot is uncertain now lol, alot changes once u dont got school or a direction to point to anymore. i hope my future will be ok. nice job in industry day to my year, you guys are all awesome, even though i couldnt get to know alot of ppl well, i blame my shy-ness. good luck everybody, animation class 2009 FTW!

yeah, some finishing stuff for my film