Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hail The Villain

Hey I've been in the dark for the past few months, I thought id update with some work since the summer. Well, Ive been working at Rune to make a 2D music video, and website for a band in Oshawa, Hail the Villain (Canada talent, and great music!) and started out doing concepts for the pitch to get a feel for the characters that the band liked, something more on the line of sinister, and monotone. After that I went on to do some more additional paintings and matte paints to get a better feel of the characters in their environments, and now I was ready to do the music video! Great experience, I got to do 95%-ish of all the bgs in that vid which gave me alot of practice crunching and solidifying my workflow, of course with the helpful critiques of my directors. It was fun! I'd definitely like to take part in something like that in the future. And after a grueling few months of painting/animation/after FX getting the entire music video together, it was finally finished, we really put in long hours to get this entire campaign finished, truly a project to be proud of.

While a few of us were working mainly on the video, the other portion of the studio was working on the website portion of the campaign, which is finally released! awesome animation in the beginning, amazing 3D talent here.
So heres the site:
Check it out! Its one of those sites with aloot of hidden content, so you have to be observant and find all the content, but worth it.
And a few finished pieces I'm allowed to show as well.